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Energy-Maneuverability Diagram - Graph paper

Graph paper especially prepared for making E-M Diagrams (also known as "Doghouse" or "Turn rate" Plots) is very practical, so I made a small program that generates such sheets which can be printed out with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


E-M Diagrams show in a convenient way, an aircraft's energy and maneuvering performance within all its true airspeed range and for different load factors. Instantaneous and sustained turn performance, turn rate and turn radius can be determined for any power setting of the aircraft at a specific altitude. At any location above the specific excess power curve, a turn will cost additional energy, so either a trade with potential energy (drop of altitude) or more kinetic energy (engine power) would be needed to sustain a turn.

The template curves represent the theoretical turn rate and turn radius of any aircraft.

You will find in the following Adobe Acrobat PDF files, four sets of sheets in different colors. The sheets present an abscissa repartition in different units of speed (mph, knots, km/h, Mach at Sea Level) with different maximum values. The ordinate divisions are proportional to the turn rate in degree per second. Theoretical curves for different maximum load factors (9g, 7g. 5g) are plotted, as well as a repartition of several maximum turn radii. By using good quality paper with a good resolution printer, the printouts will be of quite good quality. In fact, the final quality only depends on the paper and the printer which are used.

(Right click to save the files onto your hard disk. About 320KBytes each)

Color red : Doghouse_red.pdf
Color blue : Doghouse_blue.pdf
Color grey : Doghouse_grey.pdf
Color black : Doghouse_black.pdf

IMPORTANT: To obtain an accurate output with good proportions, play with the "shrink to fit" and the "auto-center" options, as well as any other size adjustment that Adobe Acrobat Reader could do. You might need to check how your printer handles the margins and set it to allow the whole content to be printed. Take care of any option that could change the proportions or re-center the document.

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Eric Voisard

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